Association Dues


Association Dues for Bayport Condominiums

The Bayport Condominium Association of Brevard, Inc. has been formed to ensure the upkeep of the common elements and to protect the value of your new home. The Monthly Association fee represents each Homeowner’s allocation of the costs and fees necessary to own, insure and maintain the community.

The Current Monthly Maintenance Fee is $465.00

Monthly Maintenance Fees Cover:

  • Property and casualty insurance on the exterior of residential buildings and the common elements which include, but is not limited to, the elevators, sidewalks, streets, pool and clubhouse
  • Liability insurance for all the common element
  • Utilities for all the common elements (gas, electric, water and sewer)
  • Water and sewer usage for residents
  • Exterior maintenance of the Bayport grounds, villas, and mid-rise buildings (including roof repairs and replacement)
  • Maintenance of the pool and clubhouse
  • Trash collection
  • Cable TV including DVR box(es)
  • Internet 
  • Contribution to a reserve and replacement fund for future improvements
  • Exterior  pest control of all buildings/residences, and once a year interior treatment

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